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The graph in Fig. 22 shows the minimum diameter of hole that can be punched through a given thickness of material. Three different materials are illustrated. To use this graph, locate the thickness of material along the vertical scale and follow across horizontally to the lower edge of the indicated area for the material being punched. From this point of intersection, drop down to the horizontal scale and read the minimum recommended hole diameter. The upper edge of the indicated area for each material represents the breaking point for the punch.

Fig. 245 in. 250 Clearance, in. Force curves showing effects of clearance and material hardness 40,000 30,000 20,000 where L is sheared length, in inches; T is material thickness, in inches; S is shear strength of material, in pounds per square inch; and D is diameter, in inches. The shear strength of the material, in pounds per square inch, is used, and values for some materials can be found in Table 2. ) square bar of metal (Fig. 12). The same rule is applied to bars of various shapes and for punching and blanking, as shown.

Many studies have been conducted to support this theory, and the results of one are given in Fig. 15. The two curves represent mild steel of equal thickness, one with insufficient clearance and the other with proper clearance. The heights of these two curves are approximately the same, the one for insufficient clearance being slightly higher. The areas under the curves represent the power requirements. Insufficient clearance greatly increases the work requirement (850 J, or 7500 in. Á lbf, compared with 485 J, or 4300 in.

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