By New York State Committee to Review Audio-Visual Coverage of Court Proceedings.

On June 30, 1997, the test, initiated in 1987, that gave trial judges discretion to permit televised and still-camera insurance of civil and felony trial courtroom lawsuits in manhattan nation got here to an finish. After years of research, a 12-member, state-appointed committee has issued its findings and suggestions at the query of cameras in manhattan courts. Their effects are contained in An Open court docket. This publication deals: an creation, government precis; evaluation of the committee's paintings; a precis of the present legislation; evaluate of digicam legislation in different states and in federal courts; precis of the committee's checklist; the committee's review and conclusions; suggestion; appendices which come with the result of a jurist ballot and the committee's judicial survey, interviews, and different pertinent information; and a minority file/ dissent arguing opposed to the committee's ideas.

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Section 218 of the Judiciary Law 9 1. Judicial Discretion 9 2. Safeguards for Defendants in Criminal Proceedings and Parties in Civil Proceedings 11 3. Safeguards for Witnesses 11 4. Safeguards for Children 13 5. Safeguards for Jurors 13 6. Other Safeguards 13 7. Pretrial Conference 14 8. Equipment and Personnel Restrictions 14 9. Appeals 15 B. Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge 15 IV. Overview of Camera Coverage Laws in other States and in Federal Courts 19 A. State Courts 19 1. 50-State Overview 19 2.

2 As before, the Legislature created a mechanism for evaluating the latest phase of the experiment, which is scheduled to last until June 30, 1997. "3 The Legislature directed this Committee to evaluate the efficacy of the experimental program and to assess whether: 1. " See Judiciary Law § 218(1). 2 Although this report most often uses the term "cameras in the court" to refer to televised coverage of court proceedings, still camera coverage is also part of the experiment. 3 Judiciary Law § 218(9)(a).

Page 17 comply with the restrictions on coverage provided by law or by the presiding trial judge;"47 2. "Modification or prohibition of audio-visual coverage of individual parties, witnesses, or other trial participants, or portions of the proceedings;" 3. "48 The rules contain several other salient features. First, the rules spell out what is to occur at the mandatory pretrial conference. "50 Second, the rules emphasize the judge's continuing duty to supervise audio-visual coverage throughout the course of the proceedings.

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