By Adrian Faupel

Pt. 1. What will we suggest by way of anger? -- pt. 2. making plans to prevent the typhoon -- pt. three. The fireworks -- pt. four. functional purposes -- pt. five. Appendices

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These chemicals are both needed to raise the blood sugar levels and provide energy for the muscles and the brain. Glucose is released to fuel the increased activity of the muscles, but fuel has to be burned to produce energy, and for this, oxygen is required. That is why breathing becomes more rapid and nostrils flare as the body is taking in air, which brings more oxygen into the body. Cortisol plays a major part in regulating the blood pressure and cardiovascular functions in the body. The release of cortisol ensures that the heart pumps faster, the blood pressure increases and the oxygen, transported by the blood, reaches the muscles as quickly as possible.

Some of our more damaged children and young people may not have had this opportunity as they were growing up and may therefore need to learn this in the same way as we accept that other social skills need to be learnt. Good relationships with adults, and wanting to belong and feel valued within the school setting, are vital aspects of helping children to engage, value themselves and move towards valuing their own contributions to school and the wider community. Managing systems 39 3 Teaching new behaviours Third, the policy needs to have an emphasis on teaching new behaviours, which may come through a variety of cross-curricular themes as part of: • • • • • • personal, social, and health education (PSHE); social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL); social and emotional behaviour skills (SEBS); National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP); pastoral care programme; citizenship and values education.

This is likely to have been learnt when we are young, so that guilt will be a strong inhibitor for the appropriate expression of anger. Unfortunately, strong feelings that are not expressed may build up until they ‘leak’ out onto unimportant matters, or ‘explode’ inappropriately, hurting those we care about more deeply than the original conflict would have done. There is a widely held view that suppressed and repressed anger may be the cause of depression in some instances. Depression is seen as anger turned inwards on to the individual themselves rather than outward on to the appropriate focus.

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