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Die Radio-Frequenz-Identifikation (RFID) dient seit etwa 15 Jahren zur Identifikation von Personen, Objekten und Tieren. Mit der inzwischen intestine entwickelten Technologie k?nnen heute Rationalisierungen in vielen Wirtschaftsbereichen erreicht werden. Das Buch bietet eine Darstellung bestehender Anwendungen und Technologiegrundlagen sowie eine Beschreibung der M?glichkeiten und Grenzen von RFID. Es soll dem Projektleiter zugleich als Leitfaden f?r die Auswahl geeigneter RFID-Systeme dienen. Eine Abgrenzung von Funktionseinheiten ist in einer Systembetrachtung enthalten. Der Leser wird in die Lage gebracht, eine RFID-Anwendung von der Idee bis zur Praxis aufzubauen und die richtigen Ressourcen zusammenzustellen. Im Anhang aufgef?hrt sind: Firmen, die im Bereich RFID t?tig sind, eine ?bersicht zu bestehenden Anwendungen in verschiedenen Branchen sowie Gremien und Institute, die sich mit RFID besch?ftigen und kompetente Beratung geben k?nnen.

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EDI, UCCnet & RFID: Synchronizing the Supply Chain

Cutting-edge companies are extra challenged than ever to enhance the accuracy in their company info and the potency in their techniques. precise provide chain collaboration calls for each member of the chain to successfully speak and serve the desires of every person in the worth chain, not only the buyer.

ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits

* Examines some of the equipment to be had for circuit safeguard, together with assurance of the newly built ESD circuit security schemes for VLSI circuits. * presents tips at the implementation of circuit safeguard measures. * comprises new sections on ESD layout ideas, structure techniques, package deal results, and circuit suggestions.

Radiology Strategies

As physicians develop into extra based upon radiologic checks for info, it truly is important that they have got right details on how and whilst to reserve them. Radiology techniques is designed to aid the clinical scholar and non-radiology practitioner learn how to make potent use of radiologic assessments in line with a patient's symptoms.

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Fields transport electric energy at all frequencies including dc. Changes in load can cause interference that can couple into nearby circuits. 18. 14. At the moment the switch closes, an E field appears across the line and charge begins to flow in the first increment of line capacitance. This flow of charge is a current that creates a unit of magnetic field associated with the first increment of inductance. This increment of inductance involves both the outgoing and return conductors. In the second increment of time the second increment of capacitance receives charge and the next increment of magnetic field is generated.

14. Consider the heat loss in a 10-kW transformer. A 1% loss (100 watts) would be a good design. This amount of heat can cause a significant rise in temperature in the center of the transformer. Usually some form of forced ventilation is required for this size of transformer. In a transformer, secondary load impedances are reflected to the primary side multiplied by the turns ratio squared. In the example above, the turns ratio is 1 : 2. 9. The equivalent circuit of a transformer the primary. 1 amperes or a power level of 1 watt.

The ratio Q/V equals 4πrεo. If the sphere is located in a dielectric medium, the voltage V is reduced by εR and the ratio Q/V is 4πrεoεR. The capacitance of a sphere in a dielectric medium is C = 4πr ε R ε o . 3, the voltage between the conducting plants is the E field times the spacing h. The voltage from Eq. 12) is V = Qh/(εoA). If there is a dielectric present, the ratio Q/V is C= εo ε R A . 16) Capacitance is a function of geometry. So far we have discussed two simple geometries, the sphere and parallel conducting planes.

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