By C. el-Ojeili

The go back of curiosity in socialism and the critique of capitalism make past Post-Socialism a well timed paintings. The booklet explores the critical-theoretical and utopian contribution of a couple of far-Left socialist currents, together with anarchism, situationism and post-Marxism and thinkers, similar to Castoriadis, Wallerstein, and Badiou.

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Thus Peter Wagner (2001a: 1) notes that doubts have ‘arisen during the closing decades of the twentieth century as to whether the social sciences’ way of observing, interpreting and explaining the world really brought superior insights into the social life of human beings’. Post-Marxism, it seems to me, is clearly an expression of these sorts of transformations and a set of responses to the challenges posed by such changes to socialist intellectuals. I will return to these transformations in a concluding note, because I think that by the end of the 1990s we see another set of shifts that, in turn, troubled the assumption that Post-Marxist Trajectories: Diagnosis, Criticism, Utopia 25 post-Marxist trajectories had adequately answered questions tied to the ‘crisis of the Marxist imaginary’.

Today, says Boltanski, the Left speaks the language of democracy, rights, and citizenship. Thus, even in the ultra-Leftist imaginings of Hardt and Negri (2000) the programmatic moment consists of rights demands – global citizenship, a social wage and reappropriation (Žižek, 2004). Evaluating post-Marxism Each of these problems, and the variety of post-Marxist answers to them, seem pressing when reflecting on the issue of Marxism’s ‘broken triangle’ of social science, philosophy and politics (Therborn, 2008) and on the question of the extent to which socialism still constitutes a significant counter-culture of our modernity (Bauman, 1976; Beilharz, 1999).

In the pessimistic readings, we have 22 Beyond Post-Socialism a series of crises – of the state, of democracy, of legitimacy, of the public sphere – and a post-democratic or post-political condition: where politics becomes increasingly empty and mediatized, more and more eaten up by economics; where political options converge around minor variants on the neo-liberal theme; where citizens withdraw from parties and electoral contests, and parties withdraw from citizens; where state sovereignty and a potentially expanded conception of citizenship are increasingly under strain (Bauman, 1999; Castells, 2000; Crouch, 2004; Mair, 2006; Martin and Schumann, 1998; Zolo, 2001).

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