By Donald M. Kirschenbaum (auth.), Donald M. Kirschenbaum (eds.)

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4 b. 4 A. V. Borodavkin, M. Y. Karpeisky, and Y. V. Morozov, Mol. , ~, 577 (1971) Aminotransferase, Cysteine SOURCE: SOLVENT: Rat liver a. 3 b. 0 42 PROTEIN SPECTRA COMMENTS: REFERENCE: 228. Aminotransferase, Glutamic Acid SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: REFERENCE: 229. 4 Spectra of fresh enzyme, aged enzyme, and after reduction with sodium borohydride H. Misono and K. Soda, J. Biochem. Tokyo, 82, 535 (1977) Aminotransferase, Ornithine SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: REFERENCE: 233. 6 F. van Leuven, Eur.

Bacteriorhodopsin SOURCE: SOLVENT: REFERENCE: 298. 3 Spectra of protein AI, oxidized and NADH reduced, and protein B, oxidized and NADH reduced S. E. Crutcher and P. J. Geary, Biochem. , 177, 393 (1979) Benzy1amine Oxidase SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: REFERENCE: 301. Pseudomonas sp. 4 Spectra of protein AI, protein A2, protein B, and protein Al after reduction with dithionite B. C. Axcell and P. J. Geary, Biochem. , 146, 173 (1975) Benzene Dioxygenase Components SOURCE: SOLVENT: COMMENTS: 300. Halobacterium halobium Water E.

A. 0 Spectral change upon addition of S-bromopyruvate to pyridoxamine form b. Spectra of native pyridoxal form, inactivated form, and pyridoxamine form c. 0, pyridoxal form and inactivated enzyme d. Spectra after reaction of native and inactive pyridoxal forms and pyridoxamine form with potassium borohydride and dialysis M. Okamoto and Y. Morino, J. BioI. 4 Spectra of apoenzyme with pyridoxal 5 ' -phosphate or pyridoxal 5 ' -phosphate benzylhydrazone; same with glutamate added; same with erythro-Shydroxyaspartate M.

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