By Frantois Kopos, Frantois Kopos

This quantity provides a well timed and complete assessment of organic networks in any respect association degrees within the spirit of the advanced structures technique. It discusses the transversal concerns and basic ideas in addition to the final constitution, dynamics, and modeling of a big selection of organic networks on the molecular, mobile, and inhabitants degrees. Anchored in either empirical info and a powerful theoretical history, the booklet accordingly lends invaluable credence to the complicated structures process.

Contents: Scale-Free Networks in Biology (E Almaas et al.); Modularity in organic Networks (R V Solé et al.); Inference of organic Regulatory Networks: desktop studying methods (F d Alché-Buc); Transcriptional Networks (F Képès); Protein interplay Networks (K Tan & T Ideker); Metabolic Networks (D A Fell); Heterogeneous Molecular Networks (V Schächter); Evolution of Regulatory Networks (A Veron et al.); Complexity in Neuronal Networks (Y Frégnac et al.); Networks of the Immune process (R E Callard & J Stark); A heritage of the research of Ecological Networks (L-F Bersier); Dynamic community versions of Ecological range, Complexity, and Nonlinear patience (R J Williams & N D Martinez); an infection Transmission via Networks (J S Koopman).

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For such a simplified view, there exists more data which thus has contributed to the success of this approach. In the third direction, the idea of modeling is abandoned but the focus is put only on the learning of the structure itself. In this case, the learning framework is still unsupervised with for instance techniques that consist in the computation of mutual information between two gene expression profiles. If we enlarge our scope to other biological networks such as non oriented protein-protein interaction or enzymes networks then we can find in the literature new supervised approaches aiming to capture the features that characterize an edge between two biological nodes.

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