By James O'Driscoll

This identify provides a readable advent to British associations, attitudes and lifestyle.

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There is plenty of evidence of this. For example , at in ternational foo tball or rug by ma tch es, w he n the players stand to attention to hear their national anthem s, the Scottish, Irish and Welsh have their o w n son gs, w hile the Engli sh o ne is just 'God Save the Queen ' - the same as the British national anthem . Ethnic identi ty: the non -na tive British The long centuries o f co ntact betw een the peop les of the four natio ns of the British Isles means that there is a limit to their significant d ifferences.

Sir Walter Scott . whose stor ies and lege nds intrigued and excited the English. Under his d irection , the whole co u nt ry reinvented itself. Everyone , v ho co uld get hold of a bit o f tanan w ore a kilt , ancie nt ceremonies were invented. In a few mont hs , a wa steland of da ng erous beggarly savages becam e a na tion of noble, brave , exotic wa rriors. Scott did the best public relations job in history. The realpolitik! Scot doesn 't see it like that. He on ly relates to heavy ind ustry.

On 25 Jan uar y eve ry yea r , ma nr Sco ttish people an end 'Bu rn s' su ppers'. At these pa r ties th ey read fro m th e w ork o f the eight eenth cent ury poet Rober t Burns (regar ded as Sco tla nd's na tio nal poet) , wear kilts. sing traditional songs. dance tr aditional da nc es (calle d 'r eel s') and eat haggis (made from shee p's heart. lu ngs and liver }. Her e are two op pos ing views of th is way of ce lebrat ing Sco u ishness. The ceremoniol cutting ofthe haggis at a Bums' supper The sent ime nta l nat io nalist That national pride that ties knot s in your stomach w hen r ou see you r cou ntry's fla~ so me w here unexpected is parucularlj- stro ng among the Scots.

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