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Create wealthy, versatile, and maintainable line-of-business functions with the MVVM layout pattern

Simplify and increase company software improvement by way of utilizing the MVVM development to home windows Presentation beginning (WPF) and Microsoft(R) Silverlight(R) four. With this hands-on advisor, you will use MVVM with info binding, instructions, and behaviors to create consumer interfaces loosely coupled to company good judgment. MVVM is perfect for .NET builders operating with WPF and Silverlight—whether or now not you've got event development firm purposes.

Discover tips on how to:

  • Dive deep into MVVM—and learn the way it differs from different UI layout styles
  • Build an easy client dating administration software you could adapt to your personal projects
  • Implement MVVM to take care of separation among UI declarative syntax and presentation common sense code
  • Create a site version to outline your application’s enterprise context
  • Write dynamic code for the information entry layer with the Microsoft Entity Framework and NHibernate
  • Enforce advanced data-validation situations utilizing home windows Workflow beginning 4
  • Implement MVVM utilizing frameworks and toolkits similar to Microsoft Prism

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For method requisites, see the Introduction.

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Extra info for Building Enterprise Applications with Windows® Presentation Foundation and the Model View ViewModel Pattern

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In addition, you can find patterns specific to UI, and advanced patterns for architectural problems. These patterns are members of a new classification, also known as the architectural design patterns classification. The creational patterns are specific to solving problems related to object creation. The structural patterns deal with the composition of classes or objects, and the behavioral patterns are concerned with designing the way objects communicate or interact. These are also collectively known as Gang of Four patterns, because they were introduced in the aforementioned GOF book.

If a user has entered incorrect data into a control, you can easily highlight that control and display an error message. Unlike dialogs, such messages do not require confirmation and do not freeze the UI. When validation errors occur, users can continue to work with the UI, but they won’t be able to submit the data until it’s fixed. Figure 1-7 shows an example of a Silverlight LOB application that validates data before sending it to the server. Composition of a LOB User Interface 15 Figure 1-7 Custom data validation using Silverlight 4.

You’ll need to tackle each of these carefully. ” The Business Layer contains the “business logic” of your application. For now it’s enough to know that the business logic must reside there; you’ll see later how complex this layer can Download from Wow! com> Separation of Concerns 21 become. In fact, it’s usually composed of two layers: one on the client side, and one on the server side. In the example LOB application for this book, the Business Layer will contain entity classes such as Customers and Orders, and business logic such as workflows and validation.

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