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The main accomplished C# source AvailableWith its help for Language-Integrated question (LINQ), C# 3.0 has revolutionized C# programming, and bestselling writer Herb Schildt has up to date and multiplied his vintage programming connection with conceal it. utilizing conscientiously crafted reasons, insider information, and enormous quantities of examples, this booklet provides in-depth insurance of all facets of C#, together with its keyword phrases, syntax, and middle libraries. after all, info at the new C# 3.0 positive factors, corresponding to LINQ, lambda expressions, implicitly typed variables, and nameless kinds are included.Essential for each C# programmer, this entire consultant is written within the transparent, crisp, uncompromising variety that has made Herb the alternative of hundreds of thousands all over the world. no matter if you're a beginner programmer or a pro professional, the solutions to your entire C# questions are available during this definitive resource.Coverage includes:Data forms and operatorsControl statements periods and objectsConstructors, destructors, and methodsInterfaces, arrays, enumerations, and structuresMethod and operator overloadingInheritance and digital methodsReflection and runtime kind IDException dealing with Delegates, homes, occasions, and indexersAttributes MultithreadingGenericsLINQ (Language-Integrated Query)Lambda expressionsAnonymous typesExtension methodsImplicitly typed variablesI/O, networking, and collectionsThe preprocessor and lots more and plenty, even more

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Furthermore, at the time of C#’s creation, nearly all professional programmers knew C, C++, and/or Java. By building C# upon a solid, well-understood foundation, C# offered an easy migration path from these languages. Since it was neither necessary nor desirable for Hejlsberg to “reinvent the wheel,” he was free to focus on specific improvements and innovations. The family tree for C# is shown in Figure 1-1. The grandfather of C# is C. From C, C# derives its syntax, many of its keywords, and its operators.

For example, if you accidentally type main instead of Main, or writeline instead of WriteLine, the preceding program will be incorrect. Furthermore, although the C# compiler will compile classes that do not contain a Main( ) method, it has no way to execute them. exe does not have an entry point defined. PART I This is the second type of comment supported by C#. A single-line comment begins with a // and ends at the end of the line. Although styles vary, it is not uncommon for programmers to use multiline comments for longer remarks and single-line comments for brief, line-byline descriptions.

The using keyword simply states that the program is using the names in the given namespace. The next line of code in the program is shown here: class Example { This line uses the keyword class to declare that a new class is being defined. As mentioned, the class is C#’s basic unit of encapsulation. Example is the name of the class. The class definition begins with the opening curly brace ({) and ends with the closing curly brace (}). The elements between the two braces are members of the class.

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