By Pierre-Gilles de Gennes

As i look out my window within the early morning, i will see beads of droplets gracing a spider internet. The movie of dew that has settled at the threads is risky and breaks up spontaneously into droplets. This phenomenon has implications for the therapy of cloth fibers (the strategy often called "oiling"), glass, and carbon. it really is no less significant whilst utilizing mascara! I take my morning bathe. the instant I step out, I dry off in terms of evaporation (which makes me consider chilly) and by way of dewetting (the approach in which dry components shape spontaneously and extend on my skin). As I rush into my automobile lower than a pelting rain, my cognizance is stuck via small drops caught on my windshield. I additionally realize higher drops rolling down and others better nonetheless that, like snails, go away in the back of them a path of water. I ask myself what the adaptation is among those rolling drops and grains of sand tumbling down an incline. i ponder why the smallest drops stay caught. The solutions to such questions do support automobile brands deal with the outside of glass and alter the lean of windshields.

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16. Determination of the critical tension Ie of a sheet of plastic by means of a series of alkanes. 2. Critical surface tension of a few solid polymers. 31), which shows that She) = 0 (by definition of "(e) is satisfied when aL = as, as being a characteristic of the solid. Indeed, we have She) = k(as - aL)as = 0 when as = aL· When "( < "(e, we have S > 0 and wetting is total. When "( > "(e, we have S < 0 and wetting is partial. 2), but also. the surfaces of HE solids made non-wettable by a suitable surface treatment.

Phys. 57, 827 (1985). 13 J. F. Joanny, Doctoral Thesis, University of Paris (1985). 14 L. Monnerie and G. Champetier, Macromolecules (Macromolecules) (Paris: Masson, 1969). 15 T. Onda, S. Shibuichi, N. Satoh, and K. Tsujii, Langmuir 12, 2125 (1996). 16 J. Sagiv, J. Am. Chem. , 102,92 (1980). 17 J. B. Brzoska, N. Shahizadeh, and F. Rondelez, Nature 360, 24 (1992). 18 C. J. Van Oss, Interfacial Forces in Aqueous Media (New York: Marcel Dekker, 1994). 19 1. Langmuir, J. Chem. Phys. 1, 756 (1933). 20 J.

It works equally well for opaque and transparent liquids. In the case of fluids (viscosity T] of the order of one mPa-s) , the relaxation time following contact is quite short and measurements can be repeated in rapid succession, making it possible to follow the dynamical evolution of a drop in the process of spreading. 11). Lengths can be measured with an accuracy of about 100 11m. For surfaces exhibiting wetting hysteresis, the advancing angle () A and the receding angle () R, to be studied in chapter 3, are measured using the optical techniques just described.

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